Far from the sleek, clean finished product we are used to seeing on store shelves or in advertisements, products in development are really messy. You want to get it done quickly and cheaply to see if the idea will even work, you’re going to want to make a bunch of […]

Electronic Spaghetti

In 2005, I led a team from Temple University to Santiago, Dominican Republic where we built a windmill using only local materials and local labor. We soldered out own tower and built our own forms for the blades. To generate electricity, we used an alternator from a car and connected […]

Windmill in Dominican Republic

In 2005, I led two trips to Rio de Janeiro funded by Temple University. The purpose of the trip was to install hydroponic gardens in the favelas and teach the residents about nutrition and how to improve their diet with fresh vegetables. The favelas are very poor and residents must […]

Hydroponics in Rio