Hardware Projects

JNM Hardware

Project C-BETA

Started in 2013, Project C-BETA (pronounced “See Beta” or the Russian “Sveta”) is a universal microcontroller used in rapid prototyping or used by programmers with limited hardware experience to test and demonstrate their code. The board offers plug and play interfaces for LCD, GPS, SD, EEPROM, Bluetooth, Wifi, and Ethernet connections using modules from common distributors.

Network Connectivity for Switches and Electric Use

Developed from a desire to be able to know when electronics are running from a remote location, the first version of this was used to report when a refrigerator is running and reports the amp draw and runtime to the web. The server can then determine energy use and if the refrigerator door is open. Sensor were added that can be used for things like reporting door openings, etc.

Creek Mapper and Speed Monitor

Developed in 2015, the Stream Speed Monitor stems from a hobby: tubing. When planning a trip, it is difficult to predict the time a trip will take. The Monitor records GPS points and speed data and maps it with the goal of being able to select two points on a creek and the computer will calculate the travel time. Future developments will incorporate creek levels as well.

Coaster Sensor


Alcohol Sensor